Puddin' Path

 National Banana Pudding Festival

2019 Puddin’ Path
The Puddin’ Path is one of the most popular features of the National Banana Pudding Festival. For only $5 per box, guests can stroll thru the Puddin’ Path and get a sample of 10 different puddings made by local non-profit organizations. The proceeds which are shared among the nonprofits, fund the work each organization does in our community and beyond. You can vote for a favorite by putting money in their jars which are in the Puddin’ Eating Tent. And, before you leave, you can stock up on pudding at the Puddin’ to go Tent.
Here’s a list of the 2019 Puddin’s and the organizations that will be making them. The Puddin’ Path opens at 10 AM on Saturday and Noon on Sunday. Come, taste the sweetness!


Puddin' Name

Non-Profit Organization

Moon Pie Banana Puddin’

Bon Aqua United Methodist Church


The Chisel 

Fairfield Church of Christ Youth

White Chocolate & Caramel Banana Puddin'

Relay for Life: Friends of Hope Team

Bell’s Best Banana Puddin’ 

Shady Grove United Methodist Church

Paradise Puddin'

Relay for Life Barbara's Brigade 

Puddin’ & Pearls Banana Puddin'

Centerville Woman’s Club

Caramel Cheese Cake Banana Puddin'

East Hickman Relay for Life Teams

Fire House Banana Puddin’

East Hickman Volunteer Fire Dept.

Southern Fire Banana Puddin’

Bucksnort Fire & Rescue

Triple S Eagle Banana Puddin’

East Hickman High School Culinary Dept.


A special THANK YOU to the Hickman County Garden Club for decorating the Puddin’ Path, growing the banana plants and more! 
Our Puddin’ Path Organizations are more eager than ever to tantalize your taste buds to win the title of the Best Banana Puddin.